Softback Lampshade Repair and Refurbishment

Welcome to our world of Soft Back Lamp Shade Repair and Refurbishment. The pricing for refurbishment of Soft Back Shades is based on the size of your shade. The pricing includes the inside lining and your choice of material.

For a Round Shade: Please Go To Refurbish Round Below

For a Non Round Shade (Square, Rectangle, Oval): Please Go To Refurbish Non-Round Below



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Refurbish Round


Refurbish Non-Round



  Choose your shade type: NOTE: Round is round. It includes 'cones', 'bells', and 'drums'. EVERYTHING ELSE (including scalloped round, cut corner squares, etc...) are non-round.

Measure the Top and Bottom Diameter and the Slant Height at their widest points. Pricing is based on the LONGEST dimension (which is normally the bottom dimension. But there are some cases where the top (very unusual) or the height (somewhat less unusual) is longer than the bottom. Please be aware that, due to limitations of the shopping cart, if your TOP or HEIGHT are longer than the BOTTOM, we will likely contact you for a price adjustment.

Choose a Material Type: Brussels Cream Linen, Anna White, Anna Cream, Shantung White, Shantung Egg, Shantung Beige, or Customer's Own Material(COM). All of our refurbishments have a premium liner fabric.

In the "Special Instructions" below, please write any SPECIAL INFORMATION that may affect the price of the refurbishment. Does your shade have: Pleats, Special Trim, Special Fringe, or Hand Made attachments? Please note that due to the vastly different types and implementations, PLEATING is priced on a case-by-case basis and will (almost) always result in an increase to the price showing on the website. Photos are extremely helpful for the vision you are looking for.

It is common for our customers to have questions regarding lampshade repair. If you have any additional questions please click here to send us an email or give us a call.


From the time we receive your shade it takes approximately six-eight weeks for the refurbishment.

When Shipping your lampshade in, please use the following address:

         Lisa Arnel
         1502 Whitehall Ct.
         Marion, SC, 29571

Use the address above regardless of using USPS (regular postman mail), UPS or FedEx.

Please include your own contact information as well as a copy of your order
inside the box that the lampshade is shipped in.