SoftBack Lampshades From Inventory

From our world of shades directly to you. Jack Of All Shades SoftBack Shades are the Very Best we could find-Period! Unlike our HardBack Shades (that are made in the USA), our SoftBack Shades are imported to our high quality specifications. Each shade is manufactured on a Ten Gauge wire frame with Brass Hardware. The fabrics and materials are the finest quality linens, blends and silks. Buy these shade knowing you have bought the Very Best!

    NOTICE: Shipping from overseas has been a struggle since 2020. Many of our softback shades are 'delayed' but not actually 'discontinued'. Often times shades are supposed to be 'on the next shipment', only to find that they 'did not make the boat'. Once you order, we will hear from the warehouse within 2 business days and can let you know if there is a delay and if you'd like a full refund. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

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  Custom Oval Shade
  Custom Oval Cut Corner
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  Custom Chandelier Shade
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