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What Type of Shade Fitting Do You Need?
In addition to the size of the shade, you’ll also need to know what type of fitter your lamp uses to attach the shade to the lamp body. There are several types of lamp fitters. You can click on any image below to see a larger version.

Spider and Washer with Harp – This is the most common type of fitting for table and floor lamp shades. It comes in two varieties. Industry Standard 1/2" washer and (for specific applications) Standard 1/2" washer with a cut out.

  • Standard 1/2" Washer
  • Cut Washer

Uno – Attaches to the socket below the light bulb. The UNO fitter is a 'pressure fit' onto the brass socket (no clamping nut on threads). Comes in a threaded (for pendants) and non-threaded (for table lamps).

  • Uno
  • NOTE: A Typical UNO Socket

Euro – Attaches to the socket below the light bulb. The Euro fitter fits over the threading and is 'clamped down' by a nut screwing over the threads. Can be a pendant or a table lamp.

  • Euro
  • NOTE: A Typical Euro Socket

Clip-On – This type comes in two sizes: (1) smaller for candle bulbs found on accent lamps and chandeliers and (2) larger for the standard Edison bulbs. Clip-on lamp shades clip directly onto the light bulb with no additional hardware.

  • Flame Clip
  • Bulb (Edison) Clip

Specialty – Chimney Rings (made to sit over/around tall glass chimneys) and Reflector Bowl Notches (made to sit on top of glass reflector bowl) can also be manufactured. Please notate the diameter or give us a call to discuss.

  • Chimney Ring
  • Reflector Bowl Notches

Help with Lamp Shades
If you have any questions on Fitter Types, if you don't see what you believe you need in the list above, or if you need help measuring or deciding on a style? Call us at 866.231.JACK (5225)