Please contact us to discuss your special Oversized Shade requirements

Oversized Lampshades for Events and Parties

Commercial Strength Lampshades

Welcome to our world of Commercial Shades. You can find our commercial lamp shades in many Restaurants, Businesses, Casinos, and Banquet Facilities across America. We work with many Engineers, Designers, Lamp Manufacturers and Event Planners to satisfy their requirements. Make No Mistake - Our Commercial Shades are Heavy Duty.

Please contact us to discuss your special Oversized Shade requirements



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    Characteristics of our Oversized Lampshades
  *   1/2" Steel Tubing for the Frame
  *   1/4" stainless steel wire
  *   Double Heavy Duty Steel Plates - Welded on Both Sides of Frame
  *   Center hole drilled to your size specification
  *   18 Point Polystyrene on Select Materials
  *   Our fabric is Glued, Sewn, and Taped to the Frame
  *   Optional Vertical Support (Depending on Size)
  *   Optional Diffuser Available
  *   Optional PowderCoating Colors Available

Tiers and Options
An oversized lampshade can be just that: Oversized. Simple and Clean and Elegant. While the more common shape is Round (options shown to the left here), your extra large lamp shade can also be a Square or Oval or Rectangle! Just give us a call if you are looking for shapes other than Round and we can price that out for you.


Now, let your imagination go a little bit. If you are looking for something with a little more !WOW! - consider a multi-tiered oversized lampshade!


Oversized Spiders: For our oversized shades, we use heavy duty 1/2" tubing for the spiders and 3/16" steel plates for the center fitter. The hole in the steel plates can be bored at any size you need for your project. Typically 1/2" for 7/16" threaded rod, but also can be 1 5/8" for European type sockets. The outer rings are made with 1/4" stainless steel wire - extremely strong and durable. Powder coating is optional - in the photos below the rings and spiders are powder coated in white.

  • Spider
  • Spider Hole
  • Oversize Plate
  • Oversize Tiers

Diffusers: Diffusers are the pieces of acrylic or polystyrene that sit in the top or bottom of the lampshade and (literally) diffuse the light bulb's direct light. Diffusers often are placed in the bottom of pendant lampshades when the lampshade sits above eye level, but can go in just about any lampshade. Acrylic diffusers are (by far) the most common type and are a milky white. Polystyrene diffusers are the same material used in the lampshade sides and are normally made in matching or contrasting material to the lampshade. Typically, if a white diffuser is desired, acrylic is used. If choosing a polystyrene diffuser, please put a note into the 'Special Instructions' area for your desired color (white, matching, or contrasting). Diffusers are optional and are not typical.

  • Acrylic Diffuser
  • Acrylic Diffuser
  • Acrylic Diffuser
  • Polystyrene Diffuser
  • Polystyrene Diffuser
  • Polystyrene Diffuser
  • Polystyrene Diffuser

Lighting Them Up
Jack of All Shades does not manufacture the electrical components nor the actual lighting on the inside of our shades - we specialize in just the lampshade itself. Typically, lighting kits are available at most BIG BOX stores or online at or We will simply need the measurement of the 'hole' in the center of our fitter for the final fixture that you are using.

Please note: Shipping costs for an oversized lampshade are
on a case by case basis. It depends *greatly* on the distance
from our manufacturing facility in Alabama, the size of the
lampshade, and carrier's shipping requirements, whether it
needs a pallet or not, etc... Please call for shipping charges
and we will review it with you for your particular project!