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Prices are F.O.B. from Jack Of All Shades, LLC.  Where title transfers to the customer when the order is picked up at our factory. Freight costs are paid by the purchaser and all freight claims must be filed by the purchaser. We ship all over the world. Orders are shipped via the least expensive method, and our logistics staff is constantly monitoring costs. Let us know if you have a shipping preference.

Jack of All Shades is a manufacturer and does not carry any inventory.  We make all of our lampshades to your specifications, one at a time.  These are custom made products, so you must be sure of your measurements, your fabric and color selection, your fitter types, and any other specifications.  We recommend ordering swatches and/or sample fitters if you are unsure of the material and color you would like your new lampshade to be built from.

Because these are custom made products, we cannot accept any return based on incorrect specifications selected on our custom order screen.  We will, however, work with you on the cause and resolution to any request made for a returned item.  Any request for return must be initiated by a call or email to Jack of All Shades. Manufacturing defects claims must be made within 30 days of receipt of orders and include invoice number.  In all cases, Jack of All Shades (at their discretion) will elect to either (1) replace the lampshade, (2) repair the lampshade, or (3) refund the customer the cost of the lampshade.  Shipping costs and expedited fees are non-refundable.

As we mentioned above, Jack of All Shades is a manufacturer and does not carry any inventory. Also, the process for building a lampshade begins when your order is created and includes various stages of paperwork, ordering and gathering the materials, accounting, wire welding, pattern making, gluing and taping, trimming, etc…. Since your lampshade will be in some stage of production or back office tracking from the moment it is ordered, your credit card will be charged at the time you place your order and your order may be subject to a 25% or $25.00 early termination fee (as well as recovery of any costs of materials or labor that were already expended in the creation of your lampshade) if you cancel your order prior to being shipped.

We will always attempt to make corrections to orders after they are submitted and paid for (whenever it is possible). As mentioned above, though, if the change in the order is not possible because manufacturing has already begun, there may be a charge associated with the change. Also, since all of our on-line ordering is automated and imported directly into our production system, requesting a manual change to the order effects many steps along the production path and it may be subject to a small surcharge to make the change.

We will ship backorders when the merchandise becomes available unless you advise us differently.

(1) "Production Lead Time" begins when your material is received.

(2) Some fabrics (normally more expensive) will have 2 layers. This is problematic in our lamination process as the inner layer will laminate nicely, but the outer layer tends to 'bubble up' since it is not adhering to anything. Some 2-layer materials are bound together better than others, but if a 2-layer material is sent in, we cannot gaurentee proper lamination.

(3) We take care and time during lamination of your material. Sometimes mistakes happen, though. We will take responsibility for errors that we make during our processing up to $50/yard of material (with receipt). IF YOUR MATERIAL IS MORE THAN $50/yard, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!