Have a friend or relative that needs a new lampshade? Want to donate to your Church's renovation project? Just buy them a Gift Certificate! It's easy and convenient.



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Who is it for?
- Friends and/or Family that need (or want) a new lampshade.
- Christmas/Birthday presents.
- Donating to a Church or other non-profit renovation projects.
- Dropping a hint to a son/daughter/sibling that they need to replace
     a tattered lampshade
- Donating towards refurbishing a family heirloom.

How do I order one?
It's EASY!
(1) Select your amount from the drop down list showing here.
(2) If you would like to have a Recipient's Name showing on the certificate, fill in that box.
(3) If you would like to request a specific (easy to remember or funny or honorable) Coupon Name on the certificate, fill in that box.
NOTE: Coupon name is not gauranteed if it is not unique to other's used in the past.

Within 24 hours (or sooner) you will receive an email to the address listed when you checked out. The email will contain a PDF file with your Gift Certificate - it can be printed out or it can be forwarded to your recipient.

How is it redeemed?
When your recipient orders his/her/their lampshade, they can use the coupon code upon checking out of the shopping cart. The coupon will take the amount of the Gift Certificate from their total. They will only owe the difference!

Any Questions?
If you have any additional questions or special requests please click here to send us an email or give us a call.