Hardback Lampshades for the Hospitality/Hotel Industry

You shouldn't have to pay retail prices when you need a higher quantity of shades. Welcome to Jack Of All Shades world of hospitality. Please find below a selection of common hospitality sizes priced in bulk. Each order is for a pack of ten (10) shades, Each hotel lamp shade size is available in four colors: White, Cream, Parchment and Natural. Each shade has Nickel Hardware, 1/2" washer, 1/2" Matching Trim and 1/2" drop. Quality Shades - Made In America.

The sizes and shapes below are very common for higher volume orders - BUT - if you are ordering 30 or more wholesale lamp shades, give us a call for similar pricing on hospitality grade materials, but in the SIZE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Also, if you are looking for upgrades or more choices in Material, Hardware, and/or Trim - we are a factory! Contact us with your specifications for a quote.

Due to the quantity that hospitality lamp shades are typically ordered in, shipping is calculated separately. You can use your own Carrier Shipping account, or give us a call to calculate shipping from our factory to your location. When you check out, your shopping cart will show a penny - we will give you a call.



  Custom Round Shade
  Custom Drum Shade
  Custom Oval Shade
  Custom Pendant Shade
  Custom Chandelier Shade
  Custom Square Shade
  Custom Rectangle Shade
  Custom Half Square Shade
  Custom Half Round Shade
  Custom Oversized Shade
  Custom Oval Cut Corner
  Custom Chandelier Surround
  Custom Photo Shade
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  Shade Shapes and Types
  Shade Measuring
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  NEW Custom Softback
  NEW Inventory Softback
  Square/Rect Softback
  Round/Oval Softback
  Chandelier Softback
  Pleated Softback
  Prestige Fabric Softback
  Designer Linen Softback
  100% Silk Softback
  SoftBack Shade Repair


  All Glass Shades
  Glass - 2 1/4" Fitter
  Glass - 3 1/4" Fitter
  Glass - 4" Fitter
  Glass - 10" Fitter
  Glass - Colored
  Glass - White
  Glass - Bells
  Glass - Cones
  Glass - Half Domes
  Glass - Globes
  Glass - Wall Sconces
  Glass - Unique Shapes
  Glass - Etched