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Jack of All Shades is the home of Custom American Made Lampshades. We make any type of shade: round, square, oval, rectangle, drums, pendant, and half round shades. We make any size shade from small Chandelier Shades to 72 inch Oversized Shades. Use our color and fabrics charts to select a material, or you can send us your own fabric. Choose from linen, poly cotton, silk, burlap, weave, faux leather, leather laced, or washable shade. We make them All!

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Special Availability and Options For Hardback Lampshades

Lampshade Trim Types

Traditional 1/2" Trim:
All fabrics used in making hardback lampshades are laminated to polystyrene. Polystyrene is the white plastic material lining all fabric hardback shades. A normal lampshade is made by running an adhesive tape in a machine that binds/joins laminated fabric to metal rings. The adhesive tape is then covered by a 1/2" matching trim to give the shade a finished look.

Rolled Edge:
A "Rolled Edge" is a handmade lampshade that requires no trim. Cloth material is split from the polystyrene backing. Then about 1/2" of the polystyrene is trimmed away from the fabric on the backside. A special adhesive is placed on the metal rings. The exposed fabric is then hand-rolled around the top and bottom metal rings. The exposed fabric now forms the finished edge of the shade. This is a very nice, clean, and modern look - but it is a manual process. When you get to the "Trim Type" list box while building your lampshade, select the option for "Rolled Edge"

PLEASE NOTE: There are some limitations to rolled edges. First off, paper materials cannot be utilized when choosing a rolled edge trim (since they cannot be split into two components like the linen cloth can). Also, very loosely wooven materials and/or some shear materials may not adequately cover the metal rings and are not recommended. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Leather Whipstitch:
A special look is a 'Leather Whipstitch". In these trims, we drill holes into the top and bottom of the lampshade and manually 'stitch' the leather around the lampshade pattern and the metal rings. Leather Whipstitch comes in three colors: Dark Brown, White, Natural (with raw edge).

  • Rolled Edge
  • Rolled Edge
  • Rolled Edge
  • Rolled Edge vs Traditional Trim
  • Traditional Trim
  • Whipstitch
  • Whipstitch Colors

Customers Own Material

If you have a fabric at your home or business that you would like to have your Custom hardback lampshade made out of, send it to us! We can use that, too! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Please call us before placing your order so that we can inform you of how much material you will need to send us based on your desired shade shape and dimensions.
Step 2: Select the shade shape that you want at the top of this page and begin building your custom shade.
Step 3: When you get to the "Material" list box while building your lampshade, select the option for "Customer's Own Material (COM)".
Step 4: When you receive your order confirmation please send your fabric to: Jack of All Shades 521 Baltimore Ave, Albertville, AL 35950
Step 5: Please include YOUR contact information with your fabric shipment.

Click Here to See Some Examples of Customer's Own Material (COM) Lampshades!

Shade within a Shade

While we make both "Tiered Shade" and "Shade Within a Shade" types of lamp shades, Jack of All Shades makes a distinction between the two.

A Tiered Shade is characterized by multiple tiers (2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, etc...) of floating lampshades. Each layer has its own spider and each layer is connected by a common pole down the center (normally a threaded rod). Each layer is independant and can completely stand on its own if the common rod were removed.


A Shade Within a Shade is characterized by two individual lampshades that are physically welded together. This is typically at the TOP of the lampshade and the two shades share the same spider. They become one lampshde.

Both a Tiered Shade and a Shade Within a Shade require multiple measurements not available on the the Jack of All Shades website. If you are interested in either style of shade please call us at 866-231-JACK (5225) for further information on how to measure this shade.

Chandelier Surround Shades

Welcome to our world of Surround Shades. An exciting New Trend in America is to buy a traditional chandelier with a custom fitting Surround Shade. Many of our customers ask if we can build a Surround Shade for their existing chandelier. And we say a resounding -Yes!

A surround shade is generally a round shade that completely wraps around your chandelier partially or totally covering the chandelier. A Surround Shade is built with a heavy gauge wire. There is no spider in the middle of a Surround Shade. Washers are welded on the top ring at a 45% angle. Aircraft wire attaches to both the washer and to a supporting point on your existing lampshade. Surround Shades look and support better on chandelier's that are higher from the ground and have chain supports. Depending on your own individual style and taste some surround shades are transparent and others are made of a complementary colored fabric. Depending on the size and height of a surround shade vertical supports may be suggested to help support the weight of the shade. At least two inches is suggested between the surround shade and the light source. Click Here to Start Building Yours!